Power Supply


Sophic Designs offers Electrical Design systems, which includes flexible and agile solutions that allow quick turnaround times compared to others in the industry. 

Our electric design systems maintain a balance between exact equipment layouts, commercially appropriate product choice and the ease of installation. We offer fully customised Electrical Systems design to ensure that the businesses can achieve the best consequences in terms of constructability, operations, sustainability and driving cost.  

We have the best possible solution for low to high voltage construction system, standard and emergency power requirements, and everything that a business might need. 

Our cost-effective and proven electrical design consultation service across industries such as commercial, recreational and residential projects, shopping centres, hotels & resorts, industrial & supply sectors include - 

  • Complete HT reticulation including HT Metering, HT Breakers, HT networks
  • Ring Main Units (RMU), AVRs, Transformers, LT Breakers, LT Isolators & LT Panel with all protections.
  • Electrical distribution systems including cabling and earthing
  • Internal and External Illumination systems
  • Lightning Protection systems
  • Standby & Emergency Power Generation System
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) System